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CW: Strobes, loud noise and aberrant alien perversities.
Best experienced with headphones or a sound system at 11. PLAY LOUD.

Heavy scrap metal harsh noise and exploratory, sensory-degrading video game- Exophilie is a training tool to prepare cognitive adaptation in the azathothcene and speculative effects of libidinal anticosmic frequencies on human boundaries.

Interactive visualizer of the album Exophilie by industrial noise project Un Regard Froid. Full album and CD here: https://absurdexposition.bandcamp.com/album/exophilie

Each track is represented by an explorable space decaying and breaking apart in sync with the noise frequencies. Turn on. Tune in. Clip out of reality. 

WASD + Mouse
Space to jump
R to reset position
T to show/hide timer
ESC to leave track. ESC on menu to exit.
Main menu: 1/2/3/4/5 to choose track
Next track play automatically starting with level 1.

Video for C̸o̸m̷o̷s̴ ̵d̴e̸n̶t̶a̵t̸ ̸-̸ ̸A̷b̴e̷r̴r̷a̷t̷o̸n̴ ̴g̸é̵n̴i̷a̸l̷ ̷p̸a̷a̷s̵i̵t̴i̷r̷e̵: https://youtu.be/yZq8mujz3Ss

Il appartient à la perception de pulvériser le monde, mais aussi de spiritualiser la poussière. 
-Gilles Deleuze- 

Astronomy and pornography have been the two greatest enterprises of looking in human history. 

Cover art by knop / 11korp
Thank you: Samuel, Nadia, Absurd Exposition, Bruno and the matters waiting to take revenge.


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Я чувствую, как погружаюсь в варп... это приятная боль.

that was the game of all time. makes a lot more sense after reading "interactive visualizer" i was going in thinking it was a game


I have begun to see tormented human faces within innocuous everyday patterns. Solid 10/10


После игры у меня появилась раковая опухоль. Спасибо разработчикам! ❤️

really really enjoyed this, they were fun worlds to explore to these power electronics tracks, and i liked how a lot of the different entities seemed to jolt back and forth between being regular 2d sprites and being chaotically polygonal. only suggestion would be to make the genital mutilation zone on the first level a bit harder to find, I think most people's first instinct will be to jump into the hole straight away, and i think sudden flash of gore would be more effective if it occurs several minutes into the exploring process as opposed to straight away if that makes sense. much love bruvva!

fun :3


make my brain  broke like a prisoner under sentence of death who got shoot


They don't make games like this anymor


Not a game is a garbage.exe


shut up bro, i bet u watch prn all day


i am 31 and married to a very beautiful woman i dont nned to use my hand kid


yeah fucking right, if u dont like games like this why install? like go kys

that made no sense lol


man half the games on this sites have content warnings for absolutely anything and this one just straight up pops up rotten.com-level grotesque images, i respect that. a very unique experience, never seen a game that is basically a playable equivalent of a goregrind album. the fish eye lens effect especially added to the confusion, love it.


i dont wanna play anymore ((

(2 edits) (+1)

This game is like being inside a lovecraftian dream. If his protagonists have those kinds of vision, I understand better why they end their life that often (this is a compliment I swear!)

Very interesting and very unique, well done!

wish my pc could handle this, it looks so pretty :(

curious about the pop up images, are they in each song or split into each section?

There's a log hidden in each track.


Intense, disorienting, cacophonous, in a way that's quite unique and certainly worth experiencing once! Damn great work!


ear rape


hé bien mes oreilles sont tombées.

horrifying little nightmare worlds to run around in, full of weird plants and climbable topography and interesting background music. I like this.