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I freaking love your games

I have no clue what I just played, but it was quite a trip.

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The trailer alone sold me on this. The mix of visuals and the soundtrack, the attitude, everything. I did try playing through the first stage, spent around half an hour trying to beat it but I just couldn't, unfortunately. I really wanted to experience the rest of the game, but from the little I could see, this is it. This is what matters right here, right now. You have no idea. I'm speechless.

EDIT: I didn't want to give up and gave another try. I got it this time, and could get past the first level and check more of the game out. It gets pretty intense by level 3. Great stuff.

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I’m a HUGE fan of Conurbation. The fact you took the time to comment means the world to me. Thank you!

Pro-tip: Hyperdeath is a game about the position of the object/objectification. Keep moving in rotation until you’ve created enough distance to cover the ground or the “screen” you want to reach.

Oh wow, you know about CONURBATION? Never expected that!

But yeah, I got the hang of how to play Hyperdeath after a while! I was mistaking the objective - I thought you had to trap the creature chasing you (like in Tron Light Cycle) but when I understood what to do it all became very natural to play.

I stumbled upon your work today, and I'm very glad I did. Thank YOU for the amazing stuff.

i dont understand how to get past the first level...

The enemy is faster than you, but it pauses to realign every time you turn. Plan accordingly - you can’t hit walls, obstacles or the path you are creating.