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Game keeps crashing when I press spacebar to play.

love it thank you 

it made me uncomfortable 10 / 10

this was rad, thank yoU!


how did you get the dithering effect?


It's a function on PSXEffects. Available on the Unity Store.


your games are actually incredible

Thank you!


I've tried all your games are really good keep making games so nowa day you don't find horror games like this my congratulations. 


Thanks, very appreciated!

It’s a very horror-like artsy walking simulator kind of game. Some of the visuals are a bit much with all the flashing. Made me have to close my eyes at one point. The game is short though and there were some cool visuals. I enjoyed it.


Very odd game for sure

Thank you for trying this short experience. There are a few more things hidden in here and there, mostly additional visual disruption.


Another splendid game! Keep it up, mate!

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great jobs


Can't wait to play this, your last game was pretty good


I love the game and your visual style is so cool can't wait to see what you do next! :D

Thank you! I will try Red Forest this week for sure!

Thanks so much could you wait till I have the update by any chance as I'm adding so much more to it! :D